Non-surgical facelift

Have you lost some volume in your cheeks?

Are your eyebrows starting to droop?

We have a variety of fillers to target all of these areas – shaping your face beautifully, without a long surgery and weeks of recovery time.

How is it non-surgical?

Our injections are made with a natural substance that is already found in your body. It is reformulated with a sugar base that is stabilised for a longer-lasting effect.

When you use our cosmetic fillers, they act as a cushion to support areas of your facial structure that have lost volume.

Revolutionary facelifts

Our fillers can be used to give you a beautiful jawline or improve the shape of your nose – and return to work almost immediately.

Cosmetic fillers

We have come a long way from chasing wrinkles and lines only. We are able to sculpt the face with the modern dermal fillers.

Cosmetic fillers have come a long way in the last 15 years. Technological advancements have moved away from animal-based products to a sugar base. Also, these new fillers are specifically engineered for different parts of your face.

Non- Surgical Face Lifts

Appropriately placed fillers in the temples and cheeks can lift the sagging areas of the face with immediate effect and create a fresh well-rested look lasting up to eighteen months.

Liquid Rhinoplasty

Surgical correction of the nose can be very costly and many times the final result is not to one’s satisfaction, not forgetting recovery time which can take many months, where a small amount of dermal filler can correct little bumps, asymmetry or irregularities.


Lip, Chin and Eyebrow

Lip enhancement or correction of asymmetries popular among young females

Chin enhancement especially in males for a more rugged chin outline can be achieved with these dermal fillers as can Jawline improvement for a better profile.

Brow lift,  tear trough and Nasolabial improvement are other areas which can be enhanced with dermal fillers.

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