Lip Injections

Lip Filler

At The Age Reduxion Clinic, we understand that everyone’s idea of beauty is unique and while some patients aim for more voluminous results, others are looking for subtle and undetectable results. Our medical practitioners take the time to listen and understand your needs.

Lip fillers contain hyaluronic acid (HA), a naturally occurring substance in the body that helps retain moisture and adds volume to the lips. It is a great option for patient’s who desire fuller, more defined lips or wish to restore volume that has been lost due to ageing. At The Age Reduxion, we only offer premium-grade lip fillers made of hyaluronic acid. Our medical practitioners use a specialised technique that respects the natural shape of a patient’s lip and produces natural-looking results.

Your medical practitioner will take time to understand your aesthetic goals and they will guide you through a treatment plan that suits you. For our own medical records, photographs will be taken of the areas being treated, as this is a helpful way for us to keep track of your results.

Before the procedure, a topical numbing cream may be applied to ensure your comfort. Various other methods of pain relief are available should you need some extra help to feel comfortable. All of our dermal fillers contain a local anaesthetic to ensure that you find the procedure as tolerable as possible.

The procedure usually takes around 15-30 minutes to complete. The amount of filler used and the injection technique will depend on factors such as your natural lip shape, desired results and the recommendations of your medical practitioner. Once the injections are complete, the practitioner may gently massage the treated area to ensure the filler is evenly distributed and to reduce the risk of any lumps.

After the procedure it is common to experience some swelling, bruising and tenderness in the treated area. However, these side effects are generally mild and temporary, resolving within a few days. To enhance your recovery and minimise side effects please follow these instructions:

  • For at least 8 hours, avoid touching the injection site, hot beverages or spicy foods, makeup, massaging the injection area (unless otherwise indicated) or lying on the injection area (try to sleep on your back).
  • Ensure your face is kept clean to minimise the risk of infection.
  • Apply a cold compress to help reduce swelling, 10 minutes at a time, once per hour. Do not use ice directly on the skin.
  • For pain relief, paracetamol is recommended.
  • For 24-48 hours avoid strenuous exercise and alcohol.
  • For 48 hours avoid extreme heat (sun, solarium, sauna), swimming, applying excessive pressure to the injection area.
  • For two weeks avoid facials, facial waxing, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, IPL or laser therapies.
  • Avoid any vaccination for at least 1 month before and after your treatment.

After the procedure, you can resume all of your normal activities as long as you follow your aftercare instructions. The results of dermal filler will be seen immediately, however, depending on the type and amount of filler, it can take about four weeks for the filler to settle into place and integrate into the lip tissue.

The longevity of lip fillers varies depending on factors such as the type of filler used, individual metabolism, and lifestyle factors. Over time, the filler will naturally break down and be absorbed by the body. However, if you wish to maintain your results, repeat treatments will be required approximately every 6-12 months. One way to improve longevity of your results is to stay hydrated, as dermal fillers draw moisture to the treated area.

Lip Flip

Lip Flip injections are a popular cosmetic treatment designed to enhance the shape and appearance of the top lip. It is a great option for patients who desire subtle yet noticeable enhancement that can create the illusion of a fuller top lip.

The Lip Flip involves a small dose of botulinum toxin injected into the lip to enhance the appearance of the lips. Unlike lip fillers, which add volume, the lip flip works by relaxing the muscles around the mouth, causing the upper lip to subtly roll outward. This rolling effect exposes more of the vermillion border (the line between the lips and the surrounding skin), giving the illusion of a fuller and more shapely upper lip.

During the procedure, a small amount of botulinum toxin is carefully injected into specific areas around the mouth, targeting the muscles responsible for lip movement. Your medical practitioner will take into consideration you desired outcome and tailor the treatment to achieve the most natural-looking lip flip effect.

Before the injections, a topical numbing cream or ice may be applied to ensure your comfort during the treatment. The actual procedure is quick and typically takes only a few minutes to complete.

During the procedure, the medical practitioner will assess your lips and discuss your desired outcome. The number of injections required will depend on your specific lip shape and the practitioner’s recommendations. The use of tiny needles minimises any discomfort, and many patients report only mild, temporary sensations during the procedure.

One of the advantages of the Lip Flip procedure is its minimal downtime and quick recovery. After the injections, it is common to experience some minor redness, swelling or bruising at the injection sites. However, these side effects are generally mild and subside within a few days. To enhance your recovery and minimise side effects please follow these instructions:

  • For at least 8 hours after your treatment avoid lying flat, bending forwards and wearing makeup.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise and drinking alcohol for 24 hours.
  • To minimise the risk of bruising you can apply a covered ice pack to the skin. Just make sure it’s for no longer than 20 minutes at a time, and in 2-hour intervals. Do not apply ice directly to the skin and do not apply pressure.
  • For at least 48 hours after your anti-wrinkle injections, avoid extreme heat, swimming and applying pressure or massaging the areas.
  • Avoid facials, face waxing, IPL and peels for two weeks post-treatment.

After the procedure, you can resume all of your normal activities as long as you follow your aftercare instructions. Over the following days and week, you will begin to notice the effects of the Lip Flip as your upper lip subtly rolls outward, creating a more defined and enhanced lip shape. The results are typically natural-looking providing a subtle enhancement to your overall facial aesthetics. It is essential to have realistic expectations and understand that the Lip Flip does not add volume but instead works on improving the shape and position of the top lip.

The longevity of results varies from person to person but generally lasts between 6-8 weeks. Over time, the effects will gradually fade as the muscles regain their normal function. If you wish to maintain the Lip Flip’s results, you may schedule top-up appointments accordingly.


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